Texas Misdemeanor Criminal Defense Attorney

Texas Class A Misdemeanors
Texas Class B Misdemeanors
Texas Class C Misdemeanors
Texas Misdemeanor Punishment Ranges

Texas Class A Misdemeanors
Abuse of Corpse
Assault (by causing bodily injury)
Bail Jumping
Burglary of Coin Operated Machine
Burglary of Vehicle (minimum 6 months on 2nd offense)
Criminal Trespass (of habitation or with deadly weapon)
Deadly Conduct (not with a firearm)
DWI (2nd - 30 day minimum)
Escape (misdemeanor arrest)
Failure to Identify
Failure to Report Felony
Gambling Promotion
Harassment (2nd offense)
Interference with 911 Phone Call
Improper Contact with Victim
Possession or Manufacturing Criminal Instrument for Theft
Possession of Firearm (prior conviction)
Prohibited Weapon (switch blade or knuckles)
Public Lewdness
Resisting Arrest
Stealing Check
Terroristic Threat (if against family member or public servant)
Unlawful Carrying of Weapon
Unlawful Restraint (not a child)
Violation of Civil Rights (in custody)
Violation of Court Order/Bond in FV Case
Texas Class B Misdemeanors
Assault (by threat of offensive contact with sports participant)
Contraband in Criminal Facility (by employee)
Criminal Trespass
Disorderly Conduct (firearm)
DWI (1st - 3 day minimum)
Enticing a Child
Evading (no vehicle or injury)
Failure to Identify (false information given)
False Report to Peace Officer
Fraudulent Degree
Harassment (1st offense)
Illumination of Aircraft (with impairment)
Issuance of Bad Check (child support)
Indecent Exposure
Silent or Abuse Calls to 911 Service
Terroristic Threat
Texas Class C Misdemeanors
Assault (by threat or offensive contact)
Bail Jumping
Contraband in Criminal Facility (not by an employee)
Criminal Trespass (of agricultural land)
Disorderly Conduct (no firearm)
Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol by Minor
Failure to Identify (no information given at all)
Illumination of Aircraft
Issuance of Bad Check
Obscene Display of Distribution
Leaving Child in Vehicle
Minor in Possession of Alcohol
Minor in Possession of Tobacco
Possession of Alcohol Beverages in Motor Vehicle
Preventing Execution of Civil Process
Public Intoxication
Use of Laser Pointers
Texas Class A Misdemeanors
Texas Class A Misdemeanors
Confinement for term not to exceed 1 year in county jail; and/or
maximum of $4,000.00 fine
Texas Class B Misdemeanors
Confinement for term not to exceed 180 days in county jail; and/or
maximum of $2,000.00 fine
Texas Class C Misdemeanors
No confinement
maximum of $500.00 fine (up to 180 days of deferred disposition)

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